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Since 1987, Benefit Planning, Inc. has been working with Federal and Postal employees to give them a better understanding of their government benefit package. We are an organization that provides special services for the Federal and Postal Employee.

Experienced talent has been brought together to assist our clients in obtaining professional help with the complex financial decisions associated with the Federal Retirement System.  We believe that only through education and proper planning can the Federal and Postal employee achieve a secure financial future for themselves and their family.  Many Federal employees rely on Benefit Planning, Inc. as a resource in achieving their financial goals.  Because no one organization can be the best in every area, we have aligned ourselves with those organizations that offer professional expertise in selected areas.  This network enables us to provide individuals with quality retirement planning.

Benefit Planning, Inc. conducts informative training seminars that deal with numerous variables affecting an individual’s retirement. Some of these variables include: Social Security, Public Pension Offset, Windfall Elimination, Military Service Credit, Deposit/ Re-deposit, Buyouts, Life Insurance, Thrift Savings Plan and much more. To meet an individual’s needs, we utilize the most up to date and comprehensive computer software to calculate insurance cost, retirement benefits, Thrift Savings Plan balance and survivor benefits.  
  All attendees have the opportunity to request a complimentary federal benefit analysis at the conclusion of each workshop. Benefit Planning, Inc. will provide the proper retirement counseling to maximize the working and retirement benefits. Benefit Planning, Inc. believes that only through education and proper planning that the federal employee can achieve a secure future for themselves and their families. All attendees will exit the seminar/workshop having a clear picture of their federal benefit and reassurance in achieving their financial goals.  
  “The future is sure to hold many surprises and challenges.
Your retirement should not be one of them.”

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